The Lily and the Rose, and Monday’s rehearsal list

You can see your part here

The Lily and the Rose

On Monday we’ll be looking at 

  • Jesus Christ the Apple Tree
  • The Lily and the Rose
  • Java Jive, particularly the end
  • Soon and Very Soon (which is for Soprano and Alto parts only)

Also on Monday we’ll be giving out sets of all scores for the run up to the Christmas Concert.  This time you will get a complete set in a folder, maybe a new one ot the one you had on previous occasions but possibly with a new number.  Each score will carry your new number so we know who’s got what, or more to the point who hasn’t returned their set.

A few points

  • please keep your folder and return it containing all scores after the Christmas Concert
  • no need to write your name on scores, the number will suffice
  • if you have a choir copy of 100 Carols for Choirs please check it has the same number as your folder, otherwise change it 
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