List for 13 November

Dear Singers,

On Monday I would like to work on:

We Wish you a Merry Christmas
The aim now is to make it lighter and more sparkly – we mustn’t let the audience know that it’s actually hard to sing!

A baby so small
We will sing through it to start to feel really confident with some of the unusual harmonies

Run, shepherds

The Lord is my shepherd

My Lord has come

Angels’ Carol

Not so many weeks left now, so hopefully we will really be able to start polishing things up.  If you know there are places where you are still not sure of the notes do try to have a listen to the parts or let me know – I would be happy to organise an informal session outside normal rehearsal time for help with notes if anyone would like that.

Below are copies of the two audience carols. If at all possible please could you print off copies and bring them with you to the rehearsal.

Words for Christmas Pieces

These are copied and pasted from Internet sources and the download link will give you a copy you can keep.  No promises everything is perfect but they may help in doing what Jacquie wants, which is to look up more.

There’s always a limitation  that I can’t fully preview new messages before they send out to you, so bear with me.

List for 6 November and new starting time

A message from Katie about our NEW START TIME:

In response to a considerable number of requests, we have decided that from Monday 6th November we will be starting our rehearsals at 7.30pm and finishing at 9.30pm. The hall will be open from 7.15pm and we will still have a coffee break. 

A message from Jacquie

Well done for this week’s rehearsal – we made really good progress.  Keep up the good work!

If you want further inspiration for West Side Story here’s a link to a performance:  I notice they make a cut at the beginning of Maria.

Here’s another:

Monday’s plan

Shepherds’ Farewell – third verse

Christmas Bells Opening

Christmas Bells – Ding Dong Merrily On High

Christmas Bells – I Heard The Bells

Christmas Bells – Carol Of The Bells

A baby so small

Run, Shepherds

Maria (WSS)

We wish you….

See you on Monday,


Jubilate Deo via YouTube

Dear All

My latest wheeze is to produce videos of our sings on YouTube, like this.  They come from the music composition software I’ve been using for learning, called Musescore.

It’s free and you can download it here, with nice practice features like

  • change individual part volumes
  • put in repeats so it keeps playing the same bit over and over
  • sometimes get free prerecorded pieces if someone has already loaded them up

Otherwise it’s a case of keying everything in, either note by note or using the built-in keyboard.  It’s amazing software for the (lack of) money.

I’ve done a complete set of our Christmas concert pieces, not guaranteed to be 100% accurate but pretty close.  Anyone who wants to give it all a go is welcome to have copies.

Back to the splendid recordings Jacquie has provided, available on the website, if you find that the website links aren’t giving the part you’re expecting then please email me so I can fix them.

Just remember that to find the website you need to put into the address bar of your Internet browser, not into the Google search box.  It takes a while for Google to index new sites so searching this way won’t yet find our site.

List for 16 October

The plan for Monday 16th:

At the rehearsal I mentioned that we are going to sing a couple of items in the concert in which the audience can participate.  One suggestion is While shepherds watched to the tune of On Ilkley Moor…. (I don’t actually have a copy yet, so if anyone has it that would be helpful).  Any other suggestions as to what the audience might enjoy are very welcome – it doesn’t necessarily have to be on the sheep/shepherds theme.

If anyone has any thoughts on how we might present our concert of 2 very different elements (WSS/Christmas with the shepherds), either with title, presentation, promotion, dress, food etc., please do come forward – all ideas very welcome.

Another good rehearsal last night – well done everyone.

Best wishes,