Rehearsal 28 May

Dear everyone,
Not many rehearsals left now, so I will be trying to cover as much as we can each week, while still concentrating on those which need most work.

We DO have a rehearsal this Monday:

For the beauty of the Earth 

For the Beauty of the Earth

It was a lover and his lasse

O magnum mysterium

Seiber Folksong no.3 

The Old Woman

We beseech thee

Turn Back, O Man

Turn Back o Man

Just a reminder that most of you liked the idea of singing “For the Fallen” from memory – so let’s give it a go.  It would definitely have much greater impact if you weren’t all holding copies  (please don’t panic if you know you won’t be able to – I won’t stop anyone from singing!!)

BUSKING!  Please do feel free to offer something for our busking part of the evening.  It will be very informal, possibly outside.  It can be very short, sung, played.  It doesn’t just have to be Orwell Singers – if you have friends who would like the chance to perform in an informal setting do ask them.  Could be serious, lighthearted or plain silly!!!

See you on Monday,



Summer Concert

Dear everyone,
As promised,  here is the poster for our summer concert.  Please do send it on to friends and family.  If you have friends who wouldn’t normally be tempted by the Orwell Singers you might be able to entice them with the jazz and a picnic!

[pdf-embedder url=”” title=”18 Summer poster 2″]

Concert Programme

Orwell Singers 23 June 2018
(DM – All but one on the website

The concert is happening on the anniversary of the 24 hour Music Marathon, so part of our programme celebrates the seasons of the passing year, and some anniversaries which have occurred between 2017 and 2018

For the Beauty of the Earth  –  John Rutter

It was a lover and his lasse  –  Thomas Morley

Teddy Bears’ picnic  –  John Bratton

O Magnum Mysterium  –  Victoria
Autumn – also marking the centenary of the end of the First World War

For the Fallen   –  Douglas Guest
(I know you’ll all say the seasons are in the wrong order, but the music works best like that!)

Three Hungarian Folksongs – Matyas Seiber
This will be preceded by the poems spoken in a very dramatic manner by various members of the choir – to highlight how crazy the text is!!

Here, there and everywhere  –  Lennon and McCartney
Paul McCartney was 75 in 2017, and it’s 60 years since Lennon and McCartney first met.

Over the Rainbow –  Harold Arlen
Judy Garland first recorded it 80 years ago

We beseech thee  –  Stephen Schwartz
Schwartz born in 1948 – 70 this year

Turn Back, O Man  –  Gustav Holst
First performed in Thaxted church in 1917. Holst organised the earliest Thaxted festivals in 1916, 1917 and 1918

Jerusalem Hubert  –  Parry
Sung by massed women for the first time at a suffrage meeting in the Royal Albert Hall in 1918. 2018 is the centenary of the passing of the Representation of the People Act giving some women the right to vote.

The Water is Wide  –  arr. Stephen Porter

When the Saints go marching in   –  arr. Rutter

Rehearsal 21 May

From Jacquie
As the concert is approaching fast, I have now finalised the programme, which is attached.  As the date is a year to the day since the 24 hour Music marathon, we have a loose theme of seasons and anniversaries for parts of the programme.  You already know that this concert is going to be slightly different from our usual format, so we will explain how it’s all going to work on Monday.

Monday’s plan:

For the Fallen

For the fallen

Hungarian Folksongs

The handsome butcher

Hungarian Folksongs – Apple

The Old Woman

(Tenors and basses – please do try to look at the words of No. 3 if you possibly can)

Here, there and everywhere

O Magnum Mysterium, particularly b.19 onwards

O Magnum Mysterium

The Water is Wide
(DM – Don’t have this but you all know it anyway)

Second verse of Jerusalem

Rehearsal 14 May

A message from Jacquie:

Dear Singers,
No rehearsal on Monday 7th, but on Monday 14th I would like to work on:

Turn Back, O Man

Turn Back o Man

We beseech thee

O Magnum Mysterium

O Magnum Mysterium

When the Saints – particularly Figure G onward

When the saints go marching in

For the Fallen

For the fallen

Seiber Folksongs

The handsome butcher

Hungarian Folksongs – Apple

The Old Woman

Enjoy the weekend – and the sunshine!

PS  And a message to Jacquie for tomorrow, from all of us :