Rehearsal – 30 April

From Jacquie :

On Monday I would like to cover:

It was a lover and his lasse

Here, there and everywhere

We beseech thee

We beseech thee

Turn Back, O Man

Turn Back o Man

O Magnum Mysterium

O Magnum Mysterium

Hungarian Folksongs – all through and see if we end up together…

Hungarian Folksongs – Apple

The handsome butcher

The Old Woman

Not so many weeks now before the concert, so any preparation you can do at home, either listening to recordings, your parts, or just reading over the words, will all be very helpful.

Rehearsal 23 April

I look forward to seeing those of you who are able to sing on Sunday afternoon.  The concert starts at 3.30. We are not starting the concert and it won’t really be possible to warm up beforehand, so just arrive and be audience to begin with.

Dress – cheerful if possible please!!  As I mentioned in the rehearsal, let’s also make our performance as colourful as possible, to help everyone in the audience remember wonderful times from their childhood.

Jacquie’s note :
In Monday’s rehearsal I would like to cover:

Day by Day

Apple, apple and The Old Woman (Seiber folksongs)

Hungarian Folksongs – Apple

The Old Woman

O magnum mysterium – learning the beginning of the Alleluia and starting to build confidence elsewhere.  Do listen to it if you can, as it is a very different sound world from most other music we sing.

O Magnum Mysterium

All but the Soprano part

Possibly a little of We beseech thee

We beseech thee

Rehearsal 16 April

On Monday we’ll have a quick run through the songs for the community concert in the chapel so we can check singing positions etc.  I hope to cover:

Over the Rainbow

Over the rainbow

Teddy Bears’ picnic

Teddy Bears’ Picnic

O Magnum Mysterium, particularly learning the section from b.40 onwards

O Magnum Mysterium

Here, there and everywhere, particularly p.7 onwards

For the Fallen – after our work this week on the first page we’ll concentrate on the second page

For the fallen

For the Beauty of the Earth – starting at b.35

For the Beauty of the Earth

Rehearsal 9 April

Dear Singers,
I hope you enjoyed the Easter break, even if it was rather wet!
My plan for Monday is:

  • Day by Day – particularly b.43 onwards
  • When the Saints – working on the second half
  • O magnum – including learning the new passage from b. 27 onwards
  • The Handsome Butcher – aiming to add some more polish and details
  • For the Fallen – how much can we remember from our last performance ?

Parts here (NB above link was to the recordings from last time, let me know if there’s been any change – DM)

Recording here :

  • Over the Rainbow – we will be performing this on April 22 April
  • For the Beauty of the Earth (depending on time)

See you on Monday,