Soon and Very Soon – men’s part

Forgot to mention that I’ve moved the Soprano Solo bit that the men are going to sing down an octave. 

See and listen here, in case it helps.

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Rehearsal 11 November

Good to see Calum back, clearly invigorated at the prospect of knocking us into shape again.

For next Monday the plan is

Et Quant Je Suis Couchée

Il est né

Silent Night from 100 CfC, comin’ soon to the website

Scarborough Fair

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Rehearsal Monday, 4 November

Calum has indicated that we’ll attempt these at tomorrow’s rehearsal

  • New pieces from the last two rehearsals (I think that’s Anything Goes and We Three Kings.  Just in case, the others on the lists were And the Glory of the Lord and The Lily and the Rose)
  • Java Jive
  • Soon and Very Soon
  • Jesus Christ the Apple Tree

Practice parts are available for all of these on the website,

See y’all there!

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Some additions to the rehearsal copies

Hope these are all okay, bit difficult deciphering some of the Cowboy Carol so let me know if there are some glaring mistakes.

Cowboy Carol
Il est né le divine enfant
Kings of Orient, aka WTK

The rehearsal lists are

Monday 21 October :
And the Glory
We Three Kings
Jesus Christ the Apple Tree
Soon and Very Soon – middle bit

Monday 28 October
Java Jive
The Lily and the Rose
Anything Goes



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Anything Goes

Here are the parts for this.

Anything Goes

Won’t have much time to continue this exercise straightaway as going off on a 3-day cycling trip tomorrow then nipping off to Portugal for some late season golf.

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Here’s ‘And the Glory of the Lord’

Huge thanks to Neil Hannington, son of my very good friend Tony, for doing quite a bit of this.  So quick, learned in no time what took me months with Musescore, even gave me a few tips on things that are a bit tricky.

Here it is And the Glory of the Lord

Sorry won’t be at the next two rehearsals, first a cycling trip up to Rutland Water in what looks like dodgy weather, then a golfing trip to favourite destination Portugal.

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Monday 17 October and Soon

The list for next time is

  • The Lily and The Rose
  • Java Jive
  • The Glory of the Lord
  • Soon and Very Soon

I’ve added the last one to the rehearsal copies, see here 

Soon and Very Soon

and some details of Andrae Crouch to the Composer page here

Composer Biographies

Hope to get The Glory of the Lord done in time, but can’t guarantee that.

Won’t be at rehearsals for the next two weeks, sorry, bikes and golf beckon for short excursions.  Will liaise with Calum to get the rehearsal lists added here regardless.

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The Lily and the Rose, and Monday’s rehearsal list

You can see your part here

The Lily and the Rose

On Monday we’ll be looking at 

  • Jesus Christ the Apple Tree
  • The Lily and the Rose
  • Java Jive, particularly the end
  • Soon and Very Soon (which is for Soprano and Alto parts only)

Also on Monday we’ll be giving out sets of all scores for the run up to the Christmas Concert.  This time you will get a complete set in a folder, maybe a new one ot the one you had on previous occasions but possibly with a new number.  Each score will carry your new number so we know who’s got what, or more to the point who hasn’t returned their set.

A few points

  • please keep your folder and return it containing all scores after the Christmas Concert
  • no need to write your name on scores, the number will suffice
  • if you have a choir copy of 100 Carols for Choirs please check it has the same number as your folder, otherwise change it 
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The Apple Tree

Parts here, and the round at the start of Verse 5

Jesus Christ the apple tree


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New scores for Christmas Concert

Getting started on these and will add new ones as soon as time allows.  

Java Jive

Someone had already created this in Musescore so hope it’s okay.  The text is a bit mushy for some reason.

Java Jive

Hallelujah Chorus

This one had been done too but without all the words.  I’m sure you can work out where the Hallelujahs go, and other lines are in for the parts singing them.

Hallelujah Chorus

For the enthusiasts

If anyone wants to have more control over the playing of the scores, like putting in repeats of sections, adding words, changing tempos, tinkering with notes, making corrections, etc, etc then downoad Musescore 3 ( it’s free, amazingly!).  I then can email each of the scores if you ask me for them, and/or give some tuition on using the program.  If you’re really enthusiastic you could share the workload!

It’s also fairly easy to make mp3 recordings of each part, that you could play as you tootle along in the car, or have your mobile out and nothing else to do.

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